This has Nothing to do with Planning …

 … absolutely nothing

Well, maybe a little. New Year’s is when many people set “resolutions”. A few days latter, (yup, you guessed it) those are just memories. So, New Year’s doesn’t really start with resolutions but rather, with the seeds of doomed intentions. Considering how the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, maybe that’s a good thing….

Okay, so maybe you’ll make resolutions anyway. I can’t say they aren’t worth the effort, because I would have to assume that disciplined people actually make good on them… as if they made promises to themselves, and their own word was good enough for them. A tip-o-the-hat if that describes you.

Shall planning and prepping be a part of the resolutions? I’m of the mind that, no, they should not. The day is no more important than any other day except for certain financial calendars and other such items. It’s really more of a traditional day to party, sing and dance, get with people you know… a fun day and evening. I’m not knocking it (typed with a smile). Without the obvious irresponsible excesses, it’s a great time! I think it’s best observed when celebrated with good people, remembering the good things of the past year, and….  darnit!  PLANNING things for the new year. (Had to get around to plans of some sort, didn’t I?)

Ok, so planning is a part of it. In reality, we never really get far away from it. We plan the wardrobe for the work week, dinner menus, free time activities. We make vacation plans (which reminds me, I need to submit a scheduled request…. that one goes on the “list”!) We make anniversary and birthday plans. We’re always planning, aren’t we? Sometimes at the last minute! I would say that if we’re going to do any planning today and tomorrow, perhaps it’s best left to the happier aspects of life, love and friends. The better parts of our lives, and not the prepper /survivalist aspects. As a “Lifer Prepper”, it not only makes sense to me, it is a requirement of sane existence. The prepper that holes-up, surely passes-up many good things.

People at a sreet faireA few of you do tend to be apart from most, and not very interactive. Might I be a bit presumptive today? Allow me this little intrusion, if you would. I’d like to suggest that if you wouldn’t normally go out on this very day, into the crowds, or into a park with people, or other somewhat busy location – DO SO. Take a few hours to visit with strangers by just being near and in their company. Share a few words. Grab a bite at an outdoor bistro or burger joint. If the weather is contrary where you are, maybe a mall food court? If there is an intention that can both be made and kept, it might be this: “I will do something different related to my fellow countrymen, today, and just for today. (Tomorrow will take care of itself.)”

The planning and prepping can wait.

I am in my mountain retreat, enjoying the cloud-filtered light as it washes through the window to my left. My desk has a soft glow resting on it, and though I’m in the midst of waves of tearing pain in my lower back these last three days, I’m peaceful. I will venture forth! I resolve to mingle in the crowds at Target, for needed and unneeded items! I will not let the last day of the year go by meekly! Indeed, I have even done manual labor this morning, against the loving wishes of my wife, God bless her loving heart. I prefer a quiet passing of the year, quiet compared with most, that is. But we will be about something, I’m sure. I just don’t know what it is. It begins, though, with a hot cup of tea, coming off the mountain perch, and firing up old reliable for a trip into the capitalist center of town to partake of our just-in-time system.

I hope that whatever you do, you are safe, happy and alive after it is all finished. You may not have plans for tomorrow, but it would be a shame if you missed it because of tonight.

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