Burglars and Home Invaders Update

The bad guys are looking at your trash. They are looking for boxes and packaging that will tell them what you got for Christmas. Do yourself a favor and hang on to your packaging, if you haven’t already tossed it. (Sorry for being late on the gun, here….)

Cut up boxes into flat pieces of cardboard. These will store with next to no room, and you can dispose of them in a few weeks. Any tell-tale items that go in the trash, even used and broken things that are being replaced, should be saved for later. Take your time. It isn’t worth losing everything if you can avoid it.

  • Tear off shipping labels before dumping something.
  • Put things out in a few weeks.
  • Place the identifying items at the absolute bottom of the can, and be sure the can is topped off with mundane garbage before putting it out on the street.
  • If you can take it to a dump, or recycling center, do it.

Stay safe.

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