What is Prepper Fiction Worth?

It depends on what you expect from it, I suppose. For me, Prepper fiction has to do a few things. The first is entertainment. I can get all kinds of information from various forums and web sites, but fiction has as one of its purposes entertainment. Good writing, interesting plots and settings, and a few twists…. these things are enjoyable in fictional writings, and it holds true for PAW fiction as well. The second is instruction. Just as I can go to internet sites and print magazines for prepper info, I can go to a book store for fiction.  When I want both in one package, I can still go to the bookstore, but most of what is available there, in PAW format, was written quite a while ago, and lacks a contemporary style and application to today’s world and issues.

Prepper fiction on the web has been growing for years, and there are many good authors. In my opinion, the largest and most varied collection of net stories is found at the web site of Jerry D. Young. http://jerrydyoung.com/news.php  I’ve been a reader of his works since 2007. What I first realized about his writing style is that he likes to tell a story and salt it with information, item usage and creative applications of old and new technology. Some more than others, his stories serve as entertaining yet effective training manuals. Each  one has a point to make, and well worth a prepper’s time.

I’ve come to know Jerry over the years, and he is a stand up man, honest and possessing of a great heart. His drive to write is powered by many things, but a willingness to share, to the advantage of the reader, is one of the largest.

I would tell you what my favorites are, but that would spoil the fun. If you like to read, his web site will keep you busy for many many hours. He also has a forum. Check out what he has to offer you, and if you have plot ideas, he has a spot for you to share those, too. When the clock tells you that you have passed from one day to the next, you’ll understand what I mean. In time, you’ll have your own favorites and, along the way, whether you are new to prepping, or are an old hand, you’ll pick up important insights. Being a part of the prepper community includes the sharing of information among us all. Jerry does so with his writing.

Oh why not …. check out “Scavenger”. Consider it a Christmas gift.  But I won’t tell you where it is.  You’ll have to search for it yourself.

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