A Bug Out Vehicle … or is it Bug In??

Okay, so this little, ummm, car?  – serves a purpose … for somebody.  According to the people inside the store in front of which this thing was parked, the owner comes in semi-regularly for supplies.

This creation /mutation has:

  • a solar panel
  • air conditioner
  • refrigerator
  • propane supply
  • sleeper
  • closet?? (storage, anyway…)
  • coolers
  • …and some other strange things…

Check out the porch light leading the way in front of the “addition” on the roof. The vent on the quarter panel appears to be the intake for the refer…. but what’s that in front of the intake?

The rear bumper has been modified into a permanent platform.  The trunk, which is now storage and sleeping that extends into the rear seat area, appears to be permanently closed and serves as storage rack.  I blocked out his license plate, but it is visible from behind.

A closer look at the bumper work….   If you look at the base of where the rear window used to be, you can see some of the conversion work that turns the rear of the passenger compartment into living space.

It is creative, no?  On the dash, and around it, I saw some electronics.  It’s been a while, but i believe there were a couple radios, a clock, and some very strange exposed electronics that I could not figure out. I didn’t want to spend too much time looking over someone’s home, so I snapped three quick pics and called it a day.

Now, unless you can beat this, don’t let anyone call your ride ugly. Besides, I’m sure the owner of this Topaz thinks his is a gem, too. 

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