The Three-Fer Rule

The Three-Fer

A while back, my wife stated she would like to go camping more often, and perhaps with a tent trailer – you know, the pop-up kind. I started looking. Wasn’t hard, I like RVs and would window shop if the opportunity arose. After a few visits, (some with a friend that owned a motor home), I decided that a soft-sided RV wasn’t going to cut it.

I settled on a travel trailer built on the RLS floor plan, Rear Living Space. After visiting a few dealers, and showing her the various layouts, she agreed. (Which was the real point of settlement!) We bought a decent sized unit that was on a very generous sale. It was more than we planned at the outset, but the room in this thing was just too much to pass up.

I needed to justify the expense. I needed to know I didn’t just blow a bunch of cash on something only for recreation, when so many line items on the prep list would be affected. It was after reviewing the list that I realized I did do away with one item…. Our BOL.

You see, we have also been looking for a place to run to if our home became unlivable for some reason. That reason could be that it was destroyed by earthquake, burned by an angry mob, contaminated by fall-out, or made uninhabitable because of civil unrest based on one of many scenarios – take your pick. The RV is a self-contained living unit on wheels. It is our BOL, for now.

This gave me two uses for the trailer, recreation and a BOL. I was quite excited by this obvious duality, and started thinking about other uses. It would do as a place to live if we were rendered homeless by the economy. I would serve as a home for any of the kids if they were affected that way, too. Housing – for fun, or for a temporary shelter.

So, it turns out that this purchase fills 3 potential roles, at a minimum. With this, I decided that any future “investments” would have to fill this new concept – the Three-Fer Rule. Simply put, the Three-Fer Rule states that, “Any major purchase must be able to fill three uses, unless it is specifically designated to fill a needed role.”

Try it. Look at your preps and see if there is some other use, or even if there is something that can be worked into its practice by combining it with other preps. A BOV (bug out vehicle) slated for quick overland evacuation could be configured to also serve as a daily driver. Its third use might be to tow or carry equipment to a job site. With proper care and maintenance, it might fill all roles just fine. Another example is a grain mill. I know some people that have them, and the grain, and leave them stored away. That’s fine, if they are only for the “collapse”, but they can fill a second role by being used for baking today. That eliminates some bakery product purchases (second role), and can be used to produce something for sale at farmer’s markets, or to people in your neighborhood (Three-Fer right there….)

Try it. Expand your thinking. If you come up empty, ask somebody. “Hey Fred, wudda these guys do with ________?” You might find yourself saving rather than spending.



3 comments to The Three-Fer Rule

  • I’ve always done the duality thing, seeking at least two purposes or reasons for everything I buy. Adding a third should help limit some of my ‘forced’ purchases that I made for something that had a main reason, but very weak second reason. If I can’t come up with a third purpose or reason, it doesn’t get purchased.

    Great idea. Thanks.

  • This is a great idea, especially in justifying purchases to the boss. I can see how telling her that I “really need” a new gun, doesn’t cut it. But coming at her with logic and the “Three-fer Rule”, I don’t see how I can be denied. Not only will it provide our family with extra defense capabilities, it will make training evolutions more effecient and having another weapon in case one fails or breaks is a must.

    • L P

      If the Rule can be used to acquire a second gun of the same type as the first, then the second will function as a parts base for the other in the case of failure in both… as long as it isn’t the same part that fails. You also have the nice option of using the same magazines, handy in some “I-need-it-NOW” scenarios.

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