Pandemic Alert, September 2014?

I just finished reading a blog post by POTRBlog regarding a Pandemic Alert. According to POTRBlog, Tuesday, July 8 2014,

The Defense Logistics Agency has placed a no-bid order for Influenza Vaccine based on “Unusual and Compelling Urgency“. The order states that 70% of the vaccine order must be met by August and the remainder in September. Much of the information about the order is “redacted” aka SECRET.

The no-bid order can be used where a supply of any product is needed quickly and with guarantees. In this case, it is for vaccines that can not be reliably produced by the previous manufacturer in under 2 months.

Referencing the links supplied by POTRBlog, we see at

J&A Statutory Authority:
FAR 6.302-2 – Unusual and compelling urgency

6. Due to the urgency of the requirement, a synopsis is not required in accordance with
FAR 5.202(a)(2). We intend to solicit Novartis and BioCSL, who are known suppliers of the vaccine, can comply with all technical requirements, and can deliver within the Services’ time frames.

9. In the absence of timely delivered vaccine, the Government faces real harm and expense associated with the disruption in vaccination scheduling of service members, including retirees and dependents. The cancellation and postponement of vaccination schedules will mean that service members will go unvaccinated for longer periods of time thereby risking infection and serious illness, resulting in reduction of manpower.

It appears that this solicitation is for military servicemen and families, with a great urgency. Why the service is expecting an unusual urgency in this matter is open to conjecture. Did the usual stockpiles fall short? Is there action incoming that will warrant vaccination? Novartis and BioCSL are known to have the capability to produce the vaccine already. I’m guessing this means that the virus is known, previously dealt with, but coming on the scene with a speed we didn’t expect.

Does this situation have anything to do with the diseases coming over the border? POTRBlog seems to think so.

It seems clear that the US Military sees a real threat of a severe influenza pandemic resulting from the massive border crossings and pandemic breeding grounds surrounding the detention camps on military bases.

They further state that civilian access to vaccines may be reduced, and the vaccines may be of a lower quality due to the rush and overload placed upon the system. So, the military is being vaccinated because the DLA arguably believes they will be in contact with these things – on bases – where illegals are now being kept – as they come over in huge waves.

Again, from

5. The use of this authority is necessary because the current supplier of the subject vaccine is unable to meet all the technical requirements of the vaccine.

Current supplier, unable to meet technical requirements of building a vaccine against a known virus that is coming to our lands quickly and in force.  Hmmmmm.

What does it mean to you and I?

Well, let’s assume that the vector for the pandemic takes a line through military facilities and into the American hinterlands. Let’s assume the vaccine isn’t as effective as we would like, and that we are faced with some difficult situations. Making these assumptions, some might raid the local Rite-Aid store for all the N-95 masks they have. I caution against that. Earlier warnings made the case for the P100 mask, instead, and I believe those cautions are still applicable. See this post for an article regarding H7N9 (and H1N1), preparations for it, and a huge link list detailing CDC and FEMA actions taken in the last 9 months or so to prepare for an outbreak.

Viral pandemic preparation just might include forced air respirators, UV air sanitizers and a good set of P-100 filters for a Peltor North 5400 face mask. The goal? Stop these difficult to control viral particles from reaching your face, and killing any that get in your home. No, a HEPA filter will not do the job. Read the article.


  • Get hold of P-100 mouth and nose masks – at a minimum. Face masks with replaceable cartridges are best.
  • In the event of an outbreak, limit your outings to those that are necessary.
  • Stock Chlorhexadine Gluconate. It kills the “undead” particles and forms a barrier on your skin.
  • If quarantine becomes necessary, the usual SIP supplies will be needed. The Swordfish sterilizer may be needed, along with a force air respirator, which will be dreadfully absent during a large outbreak.

Free Men, and Slaves

In a somewhat unusual day back in August 2012, I had a funny thought. It was about those who walk about with some openly controversial tee shirt proclaiming their political thoughts or some other such beliefs. They move about, unconcerned about what others think, and quite often risk having some jerk smack them from behind. Their movements through shopping crowds, or on sidewalks, place them where they might have good exposure, and also where an argument might leave them in

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June 6, 2014 – Off to the right you’ll see a link to the Prepper Comms Network. It’s our attempt, once again, at establishing our own social network.

Why? Well, for one thing, other networks get cluttered with things that have little to do with this life style, or even simple preparedness. I know, you can chose to un-freind, or un-follow, and reduce the amount of garbage that shows up, but even then, the exposure is to the other 98%

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Emergency Essentials Sale

I got an e-mail from Emergency Essentials advertising some sales they regularly promote. These things show up often enough to not be a surprise. While there are usually some good deals, I’m not always in sync with them as per our buying plans. That wasn’t the case today….

In this one, there was a deal on Provident Pantry “Freeze Dried Diced Beef.” We have been using a Mountain House ground beef product with good success, and were looking at replacing

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Wise Foods vs Mountain House Smack Down

Back in July of 2012, on Survivalist Boards, a new thread was started. The Wise Foods vs Mountain House Smack Down caught my attention PDQ. The nut of the story is that Mountain House decided to take Wise Foods to task and paid for a third party testing company (Columbia Food Laboratories) to verify Wise Foods’ claims to extended shelf life. The tests came back, according to Mountain House, showing that there was a significant amount of O2 left in

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Tilapia - Good or Bad for You?

I’m exhausted. I’ve spent the better part of a day reading and reading, and watching videos, about tilapia and its inherent omega-3 : omega-6 “imbalance”. I would give you link after tiring link, but I’m too beat to do that. I’ll give you the meat of what I found instead.

Farmed fish have problems. It’s that simple. The unnatural diet fed to these things from feed producers include ingredients that allow for the toxic buildup of chemicals, inappropriate fats and

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Updated the Prepper /Survivalist /Preparedness EXPOs Page

Added some new EXPOs for 2014, and one for 2015. Looks like a good year for the Expo community. If it finishes strong, 2015 could be huge – especially if the elections wind up as a catalyst in people’s lives.

If you know of any other Expos, please let me know and I’ll add them.

Chickens and the Predators that Love Them

I’m not going into a big discussion on if you should corral your chickens. I’m just going to say why you should corral them.

In my forays into the forums in the last couple weeks, I’ve seen some discussion on how to keep chickens from ending up on a predator’s menu. The thieves can be just about anything: hawks, owls, eagles, coyotes, foxes, opossums, family dogs…. They come from the air, along the ground and sometimes under the ground to

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Just saw pictures of one of the granddaughters being schooled in the use of a security-config’d 870 shotgun. In one of those pictures, it appears she has just fired the weapon and is absorbing recoil. But it could also appear that she is just getting ready to shoot and is leaning too far back on her rear foot, AWAY from the coming recoil. By the way, she is 22 and solidly built.

I just had to laugh. If it is

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You Built WHAT with a Sheet of Plywood?

JJ Johnson over at Reality Survival has such a cool idea for a shooting bench that I just had to share it. You have to see this thing! Check out the article, read it, but look at this video. I’m pilfering it for my site here because it’s just so cool. Basically, with a jig saw, you can convert one regular sheet of 3/4″ plywood into a shooting bench that can be assembled, WITHOUT TOOLS, as either a right-handed of

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