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Celox in a Bleeding Test Environment

I am a proponent of Celox. If I could be a reseller, I would unashamedly take it up. I am convinced through reports, studies, anecdotes and training that it does what it says it will, and does it better than any similar blood stop product.

While looking for something to share with you all, I came across a series of videos. They are presented by TACDEVGRU on YouTube. HERE is a link to that channel. Tactical Development Group or,, describes themselves like this:

The Tactical Development Group is comprised of experienced Operators from Special Forces, NAVSPECWAR, and Federal Law Enforcement. They teach core weapon handling and tactical skills honed during years spent deployed around the world. These skills are tailored to the specific needs of the student, whether the legally armed Citizen, LEO, or Soldier.

This series of videos shows how the various Celox products are used to stop arterial bleeds. The test subject is a quarter of pig, shot through with hand gun and rifle bullets, and then fitted with a blood supply via its blood vessels. Celox, in various configurations, is then used to stop the bleeding.

These are not simply instructional product videos. The instructor himself clearly states that he is not a shill for any blood stop product. He is an experienced trauma medic passing on hands-on info to high-speed, low-drag operators and kinetic actors. As a result, the videos share a goodly amount of ancillary observation, suggestion and real world experience. I consider these to be important “distance learning” tools – so much so, that I’ve saved them to my own collection and am sharing those files here. If this is a copyright issue, I’ll take them down. My decision to do this is to ensure they are available in the event YouTube junks them, or they go away for some reason.

Celox needs to be in every blow-out kit, IFAK, trauma kit, resupply pack, range bag and the e-bag of every trained and appropriately minded traveler on the highways. It isn’t just for gun shots, folks. It’s for the motorcycle rider that has his body split open, the passenger thrown from her vehicle, the baby injured because of a lousy car seat installation, the kid on a bike that got crushed by a car. Any accident that results in a large loss of blood calls for this product and its supporting materials such as compresses, gauze, tape, and tourniquets. It should be a part of your war gaming exercises and medical training /practice. Buy a couple extra units, tear them open and get a look and feel.

But start here. Watch these vids. Give yourself an hour or two to learn or review, set aside any QuickClot fan-boy tendencies and absorb. It IS worth your time, and maybe someone’s life.

Introduction to the Hemostatic Challenge: Celox vs. QuickClot

Celox Rapid (advanced grandule)

Celox 35g Granule package

Celox-A, Injectible System for Deep & Narrow Wound Channels.

This system is necessary for treating deep arterial bleeds where gauze packing may not be possible.

QuickClot Z-fold Gauze

Celox Trauma Guaze

Celox Guaze


Celox vids

Came across a series of vids showing the usage of Celox. No time to get them up tonight. Had to save them to my drive, and then find a utility designed to assist in storage the way I like.

By the weekend. It’ll be worth the wait. Most, if not all, questions you might have about Celox and how to correctly use it will be answered.

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No Knock Raids, Cops & Robbers

Anyone that is not aware of the use of Police “Dynamic Entry” tactics during so-called no-knock raids needs to be aware of them.


Because the bad guys use those same tactics when conducting HOME INVASIONS. That’s right. The bad guys dress up as “good guys” and smash down doors yelling “Police!” The idea is that YOU won’t shoot a cop, and thusly will allow said bad guys the few

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Seems Data-Thieves cracked WPA-2

The most secure of personal wireless security password protocols has been hacked. WPA-2, the best choice for general home wireless network security, seems to have been cut to pieces. In this article by, we read:

Now, a new study published in the International Journal of Information and Computer Security, reveals that one of the previously strongest wireless security systems, Wi-Fi protected access 2 (WPA2) can also be easily broken

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Data-Thieving Drones

And you thought only the NSA was snooping at your window. Forget, for the moment, the

Picture from

drone /UAV aspect of this story. Consider that the technology for hacking your Wi-Fi network exists in great abundance, and data-thieves everywhere would love to get a peek at your network data streams. Imagine a world where the guy a few booths over inside your favorite coffee hangout is a

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Advice Given to Family Member re: LTS Foods

A while back I wrote an interested family member a few thoughts on LTS food (Long Term Storage) for himself and his teenaged children. He is a budding prepper who has embraced the self defense side of things quite readily and is now working on foods and income. These last two are where I would love to see him concentrate his efforts.



I’ll start off by saying that

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